Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The kitchen is finished!

It's DONE!!!

After 6 long tedious months the kitchen face lift is finished.  We have taken it from 1990's grandma to funky farmhouse fresh...

The before:

Talk about ugly!  We had paneling straight out of 1968 and 2 coats of painted over wallpaper.Talk about nightmare!

So I stripped the wallpaper (which took a lot of time and elbow grease).  I skimcoated and sanded all the walls.  And then my hottie hubby primed everything really well with an oil based primer...

Then the magic began:

We added a funky beadboard wainscot on the walls.  I really love the way it turned out.

We painted all the cabinets a beautiful creamy white.  It took 4 coats on each side to get the flawless finish we were looking for.

Then  new countertops that hottie hubby installed them for me. (He really come in handy when I am in DIY mode)

I painted all the trim and the walls.  And then we installed this new laminate floor.  I must say the floor lookes amazing!  It totally changed the whole look of the space. 

I then hemmed and hawed about a backsplash. Subway tile or mosaic?? I finally decided to go the route of classic subway tile.  And let me tell was absolutly the right choice.  I feel that it completly ties together the whole look that I was going for...

The finished kitchen:

Amazing!  It makes me smile everytime I walk into the room!


  1. Well done! Enjoy your new kitchen space!

  2. Dawn says, great job!!!

  3. I am looking to paint my cabinets. I love the color of the yours so I am asking what color did you use to paint the cabinets?