Monday, August 3, 2015

Stenciling a focus wall in the girls bedroom

When I started considering redoing the girls bedroom I sat them down and had them make wish lists for their new space. And the lists they came up were not that crazy. New bedding, new rug, better lighting, floating shelves, beachy feel.  Totally doable.  Until I read...herringbone painted wall.  Womp Womp.

How on earth was I going to accurately tape off and paint a herringbone wall.  I think I broke out into stress hives.  No lie.  So, I sat down at my trusty computer and started googling the heck out of herringbone wall.  And I came across this.  The  herringbone shuffle stencil from  Royal Design studio.

I ordered it online and it was delivered within a week.  Best decision ever!  It was super simple to use and it added such a punch of color to the room.

The hubs helped me out by painting the walls in the bedroom for me.  Three out of four walls were painted a beautiful turquoise blue and the fourth wall was painted white.  The colors we picked for the stenciled wall were 3 shades of turquoise (the wall color, and a shade lighter and darker from that color) a beautiful coral and a deep navy blue.

I sprayed the back of the stencil with spray adhesive and stuck it to the wall.  Then I added the paint to the stencil using foam brushes.
Then I repeated.  And repeated,  And repeated again.  I won't lie.  This was a struggle for me.  It took in total about 5 hours to stencil the one wall.  I did it over 3 days.  I could only stencil for about 2 hours at a time before I had to take a break.  The process was super easy but time consuming.

The stencil came with a small header stencil so that you can bring the stencil up close to the ceiling. It helped to make it look much more polished.

All the time and effort was worth it.  It looks amazing!

Such a pop of color.  Here you can get a feel of how it will look when completed.  Turquoise walls, herringbone wall and crisp white bedding.
I adore it.  And the ladies love it too!

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