Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mom's Craft Space: The Reveal

I have been dreaming of my own little corner of the house for years...5 years to be exact.  Since we moved in to my little cottage.  I dreamed, and I wished and I plotted...yes I said plotted.  Finally the hubs caved and gave me his little corner of the basement.  And I dove right in to making it mine!

Here is a reminder of the space before...

Total disaster.  It was just a dumping ground for everything and anything in both the basement and the garage.  I had my work cut out for me.  I started to dream a little dream and came up with a plan. I detailed my plans in this post.

With a lot of sweat, paint and hard work I created a bright and colorful corner of creativity.  It makes my heart happy when I walk into my space.  I diy'd the majority of the storage in this space.  Here is a recap of the projects:

I made a pegboard to hold all my most used items.

I diy'd a colorful french memo board to hold my favorite sayings and creative inspirations.

I updated an old bookcase into something fresh and new.

I brought my trash to treasure table out and made it a work space.  In fact the whole color scheme of this craft zone is based off this table.

I created a rustic "tool" box to hold my mason jars filled with necessities.

 But enough about what I did...take a look at the final results!

*Sigh*  Isn't it dreamy?  I love my little slice of  creative space!  And the colors make me happy. Hopefully this space will inspire more creativity from my little corner of the world.

Have a happy Day!



                                          1. It's super pretty! Very well done.

                                            "The office under the stairs" sounds like Harry Potter's "cupboard under the stairs" bedroom...It made feel very sad that you had to "dream for 5 years" in order for your husband to "cave in" and merely give you the - otherwise - useless space under the stairs.

                                            You did a great job with it and now it's a little paradise.

                                            1. I was sad that I had to wait for 5 years too. But it was totally worth it. And I kind of love it being tucked away. Now I'm not so worried about leaving something out that I am working on. And it doesn't shut down my dining room for days at a time. Thanks for coming by and taking a look. Have a happy day!

                                          2. Your creative space is just delightful, Melissa! I really like your pops of turquoise with the white. I pretty much LOVE turquoise in any shade and used anywhere! I think you were very creative in carving out a super-cute space where you can create.

                                          3. I love seeing other people's craft space. Organization is so much fun to me. I love that table you have too. The top of it is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing at Motivational Monday Link Party. I can't wait to see what you share tomorrow.