Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Plan for the Girl's Bedroom

It's time to update my girls room.  This one is kinda tough for me.  It means that I have to admit that my baby girls are growing up.  I like to think that they are still in footie pajamas but the reality is they are a senior and sophomore in high school.  

When we bought the house 5 years ago the first room we re-did was the girls room.  It was really important to me that their space was ready for them when we moved in.  It was lime green and aqua and they loved it!  However, now that they are 17 and 15 the lime green is not so cool anymore.  So I sat down with them, picked their brains and put together a plan.

1.  The new color scheme is going to be a soft aqua with touches of coral and navy.

2.  Teenage girls need storage.  Lots and lots of storage.  I plan to build them under bed storage that has casters so it is mobile.  It will be similar to this one.

3.  They love this idea of a picture clothesline.  I think I can tweak it so it looks a bit neater.  That way my eyes won't twitch when I walk into their room.

4.  I love the idea of the hektar lamp for task lighting in their room.  I plan to mount these to the wall above their beds.

5.  Not quite sure what I am going to do for a rug but this one caught my eye.

6.  I have a diy photo/art frame planned out of cabinet doors and clamps.  It's going to be amazing.

7.  We already have these comforters from Target.  Not sure if they will work still I might have to switch them to clean, crisp white quilts.  I won't know for sure until the room is coming together.

8.  I ordered this amazing stencil from Royal Stencils.  It is called the herringbone shuffle.  I am excited to see how this comes out.  The current plan is a white wall with the stencil in shades of aqua, coral and navy.

That's it.  I am I'm ready to get my hands dirty and start this new project.  Even though it means I have to say goodbye to the little girls room and say hello to a teenage girls room.

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