Sunday, March 1, 2015

My new Industrial Shelving done on the cheap...

Well Hello there!  It's been awhile...

Things have been a little chaotic in my life for the last couple of months.  But I think we are finally back to "normal".

Our latest project is in our "office".
(We don't have a true office, just a dedicated corner of the master bedroom.  But works) It is one of the most interesting projects that the handy hubby and I have put together. It is my industrial shelving  over our desk.

I loved the look of the shelving from Restoration Hardware but I was not in love with the price.  So we put our heads together, pinterested a little and came up with a pretty good knock off.

Here is a picture of the Restoration Hardware shelves...

Aren't they beautiful.  However the price is ugly...$195.00 for the shelf and $90.00 for the two brackets.  Yep. $285.00 total.  I think my hubs would bury me in the backyard if I spent that on a shelf.  So being a thrifty girl I decided to make my own.

There are plenty of tutorials on the good ole Internet on how to make these shelves.  It involves using galvanized pipe that you can get at any big box store and a plain old piece of pine.  It is super easy.  And sooo much cheaper.  The final cost for my two shelves was just under 50 bucks!  Whoop! Serious savings right there.
My shelves:

Not too terrible.  They do the trick.

 It really is hard to tell the difference between the two.  The Restoration Hardware is on the top and my thrifty version is on the bottom.

Here they are all prettied up and holding all of our office supplies.

They make me happy every time I walk into the room.
So what do you think? Amazing right?

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