Thursday, April 30, 2015

$5.00 thrift Store Chair Makeover...

We all know that I love a good bargain. I can't resist haunting the local thrift stores and "antique" shops.  I always use a coupon when I'm shopping. And I always head to the clearance aisle at the store first.  My mom is the same way.  I think it is a gene that I was born with.  So when I ran across this little gem of a chair one afternoon I couldn't resist it.
 Plus it was only $5.00  Who in their right mind could resist that?  Certainly not this girl.

I loved the lines of the feet on this chair.  And it was the perfect size for my desk.  It just needed some love.  And a little elbow grease.  After I snuck brought it into the house I removed the first layer of fabric from the seat.  The upholstery nails were made out of wood. (How cool is that?)  Under the fabric was a layer of leather.

I removed the leather and found horse hair and some kind of felt like material.  I'm not going to was kinda gross.  Filthy even.
I removed the "padding" and was left with a nice clean linen seat.  I vacuumed it off real good.  Then I sanded the wood to prepare it for paint.
A couple of coats of cottage white and you could begin to see the potential of the chair.
 I just adore the dainty feet on the chair.

I traced around the fabric to make a template for the new seat cushion.  Then I did the same with the new seat fabric.

The new fabric was held onto the chair using upholstery nails.  This was my first foray into using these nails.  It was a simple process but the shape of the seat made it somewhat difficult for me.
  It's not perfect but I love it!  It looks 100% better than when I bought it.
And it finishes off the desk area perfectly!

(please ignore the hot mess of a corner on the right...I have something up my sleeve for that area.  I will show you soon.)

And because I love a good before and you go!
 A little love.  A little paint.  A whole lotta elbow grease! 
This one makes me smile.  Not too shabby for $5 bucks!

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