Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Memo Board for the Craft Area

I adore color.  Bright bold color.  Everywhere you look in my house you see reds, blues, yellows.  I know that the current trend in decorating is nice easy neutrals.  I can't do it.  I have tried.  I always end up adding in red somewhere.  ALWAYS!

That being said I am currently working on my new crafting space in the basement.  I started with cool grey walls, white cabinets and grey counter-tops.  I thought that I would add some light blue and dark charcoal grays to go in a more neutral direction.  Boy was I wrong.  As soon as I stated wandering around Joanne Fabrics my eye kept being drawn to all the bold colorful prints.  Why fight it?  I am who I am...

I decided to create a memo board for the wall to help contain some of my ideas.  I bought a long skinny canvas to use as my base.  A yard of fabric, some batting matching ribbon and some buttons.

I wrapped the canvas with the batting and stapled it to the wooden frame using my staple gun.  I then trimmed the excess off.

  I then did the exact same process with my fabric.

Then I laid out my ribbons on the front of the board.  I weaved them in and out with one another and then stapled the ribbons to the back of the frame.

At this point you are 90% done.  But the hardest part is yet to come.  Now you have to sew your buttons on where the ribbons meet.  (Easier said than done)  I am not a sewer.
After all the buttons are sewn on you are left with an amazing memo board.  Not to shabby for just a little bit of your time.
I love the bright pop of color that it is going to add to my craft area.

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