Monday, June 29, 2015

Pegboard for the craft area

I am a sucker for an organized space.  Add labels to it and I am in serious love.  When I began the planning stage for my craft zone I thought long and hard about what  I planned to really use the space for.  What kind of crafty activities was I really going to be doing?

 So me being me I made a list.  And then I made a second list of all the craft items that I currently own and categorized them.  (I know...I am that person.  I have become ok with my brand of crazy.)  What I discovered was that I tend to refinish furniture, make paper crafts, and I do a lot of painting.

I decided that in order to make my tiny craft area function best for me I would need a pegboard.  That way I could have my most used supplies visible, easy to get to and grouped together.  I looked around Pinterest and found some amazing examples of crafty pegboards.  These two are my favorite...

I mean I would love to have the kind of space needed to create amazing pegboards like those. But...back to my reality. I have a teeny tiny  space under the basement stairs.  I showed the before pictures in this post about my dream craft room.

I got to work on creating my pegboard.  I bought a 2x4 sheet of pegboard from Home Depot.  It was less than 20 dollars.  Then I gave it 3 coats of aqua paint.  This is the same paint I used on my trash to treasure table.  I grabbed some leftover trim from our spare wood pile, gave it a coat of white paint and glued it around the pegboard.  I used liquid nails. 

I clamped them down and let it dry.

The next step was hanging it up.  Bert put up some spacers on the wall.  That way the pegboard is removed from the wall a little bit and you can get the pegs in.
(We had differing opinions on how to hang the pegboard.  This is his whatever you say honey look)

Once he had the spacers up and level he screwed right through the pegboard into the boards and hung it to the wall.

I love it.  I can hang everything I need within arms reach.  I am not searching through buckets and bins for my most used items.  And everything has a place,  It makes my type A organized soul sing!

Here is the final space...

Isn't it so pretty?  I love the pop of aqua.  I can't wait to finish hanging all my things.

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