Wednesday, September 2, 2015

DIY Photo Board

We all know I like to try to do things on the thrifty side... So when it came time to start planning the girls room redo I decided to try and reuse as many materials that I could.  I started by looking around the extra wood pile in the garage.
I came across these unused cabinet doors that were from our basement remodel.  I started to rack my brain about what I could possibly use them for.

Then I thought what if I glued some clips on this and it became a picture frame of sorts. So I ran with the idea.  I gave it a couple of coats of paint with an accent paint from the herringbone wall
 It's hard to tell in this picture but it is a pretty pale aqua blue.  Then I got out my handy dandy liquid nails and glued these clips onto the board.

Done!  I hung them up in the girls room and they look great!
And the best part...they are easy to change out.  If the girls want to change their pictures all they have to do is unclip and reclip.

Super easy.  Super simple.  And I think they are super cute!

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